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Lionel 21877 Domino Sugar 1-dome Tank Car 3-pack - C10/Mint/NIB

Price: $121.95

Mfg #: 6-21877

2015 Greenburg Price Guide: $135 (Mint)

This 3-car set of Domino Sugar standard "O", uni-body, 1-dome tank cars was manufactured by Lionel in 2007. The set contains three individually numbered cars:

  • 17963 (w/road #3009)
  • 17964 (#3010)
  • 17965 (#3011) 

Back in the mid-90’s when Lionel introduced this new style of tank car (where there is no full length chassis frame, and the tank ends resting on short platforms) the cars got a real bad reputation. It was said they’d literally fall apart if you looked at them cross-eyed. Well, things have significantly changed for the better; these are not “your father’s” uni-body tank cars! 

These upgraded models are solid! Screws securely attach the trucks to the end platforms and tank. This prevents the cars from coming apart like the used to. The end handrails are metal, securely attached to the tank with a ”rock solid” bracket. The frame, end platforms, brakewheel, center platform and railings, side ladders, warning placards and air cylinder are all metal. Add to that all metal sprung trucks with rotating bearing caps, metal wheels and axles, and operating metal un-coupler plates integrated into the truck (far better operationally than the "thumb-tack" version of the past 30 years) and knuckle couplers at both ends. These cars are now top of the line, and deserving of a spot on your layout or in your collection. 

The cars are factory fresh, direct from a sealed factory shipping carton. We took one photo of the cars, untouched in their shipping carton, before we removed only one of the cars for a photograph. You can't get them any "fresher"! We’ve attached a Lionel website file photo of the 3-cars on a track for your reference.