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Lionel 11744 New Yorker Passenger/Freight SS Set (Sealed) - SOLD

Price: $195.95

Mfg #: 6-11744

2014 Greenburg Price Guide: $335 (Mint)

This New York Central "New Yorker" Passenger/Freight set was manufactured by Lionel in 1994. It was one of the last "Service Station" sets made by Lionel.

It features a NYC RS-3 diesel with dual maintenance-free can motors, eight-wheel drive, electronic forward-neutral-reverse control (no annoying "buzz"), a diesel horn, dual operating headlights, operating magnetic couplers at both ends, and metal chassis, handrails, wheels and axles.

Additionally, there are four freight and two passenger cars in this boxed set. The complete set is listed below:

  • Lionel 18835 New York Central Alco RS-3 (6-18835)
  • Lionel 16066 "Elkhart Country" Combo Car (6-16066) 
  • Lionel 16067 "Silver Lake" Passenger Car (6-16067) 
  • Lionel 16903 Canadian Pacific Bulkhead Flatcar with Pulp Load (6-16903)
  • Lionel 19263 NYC Double Door Box Car (6-19263) 
  • Lionel 19605 Hudson Bay 1-Dome Tank Car (6-19605) 
  • Lionel 19819 Operating/Illuminated Poultry Dispatch Car (6-19819)

This set is factory sealed, and as such all components are in "factory fresh"/Mint condition.  All of the freight cars feature all metal sprung trucks with metal wheels, magnetic operating knuckle couplers at both ends. The passenger cars are lighted and feature all metal die-cast trucks with operating magnetic knuckle couplers at both ends.

The Poultry Dispatch Car is a modified stock car (a number of slats have been removed to provide better visibility into the car), carrying dozens of chickens that, via interior illumination, colorfully are shown on their way to market. The operational aspect of the car is a worker with a broom, who, at the push of a button, appears in the doorway, sweeping "imaginary" chicken feathers out of the car (hence the car's nickname of the "Chicken Sweeper" car).

Within the outer set box each item is individually boxed in an orange Lionel box.

Photographic notes: Since the set is sealed we have posted file photos of each set component. The set box photo is of the actual set being sold.






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